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Audis performs ISO9001/ISO22000/HACCP audit registration activities as a certification body for international standards.  Audis has accreditation from JAS-ANZiJoint Accreditation System of Australia & New Zealandj to ensure impartiality and transparency.  Auditors are certified by the international auditors registration bodyiIRCAjand through auditing activities shall guide the customers management system to continuously improvement.  Currently, we are creating original food safety audit programs as acting as auditors on behalf of a number of food companies (associations and groups) including internationally trading Japanese food companies.


A Top Management Introduction

There are many ISO9001 and ISO14001 registered organizations, however there are only few organizations that correctly use ISO in accordance with top managements vision for the company.   Furthermore, in regard to the problem of business ethics global business management, it is essential to manage J-SOX law as well as internal regulations.  Audis promises to assist in practical business improvements through audit activities based on international standards in consideration of societal changes.  Ecore Audit shall not request system changes by consulting but shall establish possible improvements for the customer by non-conformities raised through the audit.  Audis shall continue to ensure the development of transparent, impartial and professional auditing services.


B Expertise and Professionalism

Audis is not just a typical certification body, we also hold presentations with international experts as well as to Governmental bodies as we have a high reputation that is not limited to only inside Japan.  Furthermore, our staff contribute to a variety of consumer publications and have authors books such asuAcquiring ISO9001/HACCP manualvand uDeclaration to acquire ISO22000vwhich are having positive effects on our customers food safety realization.   Much of Audisfs research and international leadership is published in gFood Scienceh and gMonthly HACCPh magazine as part of and effort to promote awareness from experts in the field.


C International Standards as a Tool

International standards are not just the next fad, they have taken root in global business practice.  Until now it has been witnessed that many export and large corporations have been the influence behind the ISO acquisitions, however recently a small number of organizations and small to medium sized organizations are starting to become active strategically as a basis for complaint prevention, increasing skill levels and increasing productivity.  Audis shall develop audit services with trustability and knowledge in order to being organizations to the start line to acquire international standards certification.

D Food Safety Seminar Report with Asure Quality

Audis held a food safety seminar at Ivy Hall Aogakukaikan on 6 June2006

We appreciate everyone for participating in this event.

Positive List System was published on May 2006 in response to consumer demands in regard to food safety underlining the importance for companies to establish suitable controls for food safety.  For this event we welcomed to Japan the Government owned body, with a high international reputation in order to provide accurate and reliable information to everyone.  That day, company representative Koei Miyazawa presented gPractical application of ISO22000h seminar explaining the standard and how the practically apply it.  Then, Asure Quality representatives
iDr. Harry van Enckevort/Mr. Stan Bunting/Mr. Udit Singhj spoke about ensuring safety along the food chain, traceability, positive list system, verification services and finished with a question and answer session.


E Food Safety Information Exchange with the DCC.

On February 2006, in  Dunedin, New Zealand, representatives from Audis meet with auditors from the food safety authorities in the DCCiDunedin City Councilj for an information exchange.  3 members from the DCC attended: Mr Roger OfBrien /Mr Campbell Fillam/Mr Leric Harvey-Smith and meet with Koei Miyazawa and Gavin Beath at the headquarters.  The DCC explained about auditing technique and also explained about a regional system of grading retailers for general sanitation levels; a unsanitary condition g D gradeh judgment results in the temporary suspension of the business.  During the visit an evaluated gD gradehcaferteria, judged by the DCC, had their suspension noted in the newspaper.  Audis explained about the situation of compulsory and voluntary regulations and current developments, and HACCP/ISO22000 auditing schemes.  The experiences were valuable for both parties and were able to gain a good insight into the food safety auditing activities of both parties.
After that we toured a chocolate factory.


F ISO22000 Seminar with JAS-ANZ

On the 5th of August 200, We held a ISO22000 seminar at Big Sight Tokyo with JAS-ANZiJoint Accreditation System of Australia & New Zealandjrepresentative Ms Susan Williams.  JAS-ANZ is a member of IAF with a mutual recognition agreement among other accreditation bodies that boast auditors with high levels of specialist skill in ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP, Organics and risk management etc.  From the explanation about JAS-ANZfs areas of expertise, Susan Williams spoke about global issues, the differences between a HACCP system and the ISO22000 standard and the transparency certification provides.  Furthermore, Audis representative Koei Miyazawa presented an explanation of the ISO 22000 clauses, HACCP audit methods, Audit/registration points of interest.  It appears that interest is growing among not only manufacturing sectors but distribution, additive, retail and other related sectors as well.

G Switching to EAJ from another certification body.

If you are currently unsatisfied with your current certification body because of uncertainty about the level of expertise or effectiveness of the audit then please consider switching to Audis.  There will be no change in audit cycle or costs so please do not hesitate.

An extra audit is not required for a switch in certification bodies.
We can continue the current audit cycle
We can change the current costs for auditing.
No extra costs for a switch in certification bodies.

Unaccredited audits cannot be registered.
An audit may not be performed depending on the audit registration content.
JAS-ANZ does not permit our registration services in China.
We are always open for receptionBinot just during the auditj

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